Getting Started in Developer Relations (eBook) by Sam Julien

Getting Started in Developer Relations (eBook)

Curious about whether dev rel (developer relations) is a good fit for you? Want to get started with making an impact on the developer community today? If you're looking to get started in dev rel right now, this book's for you!

Travel, learn, and teach — all on the clock.

Sometimes dev work gets boring. You'd think in such a cool field it'd be easy to stay challenged and motivated all the time. Inevitably, though, even the coolest of dev jobs can feel stale. You feel like a cog in a wheel, a code robot punching in and out every day. Same backlog. Same bugs.  Same bleh. "Maybe I need a change," you think, "but do I need a new job altogether?"

Somewhere along the way, maybe on Twitter or at a conference, you heard about this thing called developer relations or dev rel (or maybe it was developer advocacy or evangelism). You know it has something to do with speaking at conferences or writing blog articles. Getting paid to travel, learn, and teach does sound pretty sweet, but is that really what developer advocates do? How do I become a developer advocate? Will it help me make a  meaningful difference in the developer community, or is it basically just being a glorified sticker dispenser? What even is developer relations, anyway?

Getting Started in Developer Relations is a 70 page ebook here to help you figure out whether dev rel is the right career for you and “dip your toes into the water” right away. 

In the first three chapters, you'll learn the nuts and bolts of developer relations and the developer advocate job: 

  • What developer relations is (and all those other confusing terms)
  • What a developer advocate job is really like (the good and the bad)
  • The kinds of skills you need to be a developer advocate
  • What employers look for in dev rel applicants 
  • Red flags to watch out for when interviewing
  • How to mix dev rel work into your current job
  • How to measure your impact and know if you’re doing a good job

Whether you decide to pursue dev rel as a full time job or just as a way to give back to the community as you grow in your career, you'll learn strategies for getting up and running quickly in the second half of the book. You'll learn: 

  • How to build a personal dev rel strategy you can use to prep for a full time dev rel job or use as a personal career growth tool
  • How to write your first CFPs and start getting accepted to speak
  • How to overcome your perfectionism to ship content quickly, take feedback, and improve over time
  • How to get started doing dev rel work today with a list of quick win examples

Whatever your path, I’m hoping for one of these outcomes for you: 

  1. You decide to go full time into dev rel and are able to build a body of work and speak intelligently in an interview about the way you measure your impact.
  2. You decide you want to stick to full time dev work, but are able to talk to your boss about how to mix dev rel work into your job so you can do more writing and speaking.
  3. You decide dev rel isn’t really for you, but you can pivot the personal dev rel strategy into a way to grow your career while helping the community to land your next promotion or job.

Learn how to get started in dev rel today.

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Appreciation Wall

This book gives you exactly what it promises: a clear introduction to the field of Developer Relations. The book is well structured and gives tons of practical advice for finding the right role. Furthermore, it gives actionable advice on how to thrive in the role. I highly recommend this resource for anyone that is interested in the field. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
Mahmoud Abdelwahab
Sam launched his book right as I was starting my DevRel career. It was amazing to feel like I had a resource readily available that got me out the gate quickly and off to a successful start!
Jay Miller

Getting Started in Developer Relations (eBook)

Curious about whether developer relations is a good fit for you? Want to get started with making an impact on the developer community today? This book's for you!
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